Camp Format and Topics

Some of the topics covered on the coaching camps, more topics will be presented on request so let us know what you would like to learn!


Group Riding and Etiquette

With presentations and practical demonstrations on following a wheel and sheltering from the wind, We show you how to ride more efficiently in a group and how to lead a group safely.

Bike Position

Even a minor adjustment to your bike or position can make a big difference to the way you ride. It's different for everyone! With practical examples of how top athletes adjust their positions and fine tuning of your bike, you will improve your training rides and win races.

Climbing & Descending

We will give you tips and guidance on climbing and descending. To improve your efficiency and make your riding as easy and effortless as possible. Making your goals seem closer.

Use Of Gears

Changing the way you use your gears is essential to efficient bike riding. Correct cadence and pedalling style is paramount in the improvement of cycling ability.


We will devise nutritional strategies for your events. Also the way to eat to be healty up to your challenges. We will give unbiased advice on drink mixes and products to use while riding.

Bike Purchase

There are so many good and not-so-good bikes to choose from and different ideas from experts and not-so-expert opinions. Without the correct advice, you can't be sure if you are getting the best bike for your money. With our top tips for size, weight and style of bike, you can ask the right questions at the bike shop and make your purchase with confidence.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling can boost your fitness and is an excellent way to keep fit when you can't get out on your bike. With a classroom presentation and practical demonstrations on a turbo trainer we can help you with an effective indoor training program.

Specialist Skills

Mountain biking, road racing, Cyclo-Cross, track and BMX. We can help you with expert technical advice and training programs to get the most out of your favourite sport.

Core Stability Training

Your body needs more than just hours on a bike to achieve a true level of fitness. Core stability training will fine tune every muscle in your body for maximum strength, flexibility and fitness. Tutorials, practical demonstrations and an expert training program to take home and apply your knowledge.

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