Physiological Testing

Sports Coaching offers a professional physiological testing service for athletes and cycling enthusiasts of all levels of fitness and ability. We use SRM & Powertap Equipped test rig with electromagnetic power.


Benefits of Physiological Testing

testingPower Ramp Test

To ascertain power training zones and the maximum power at any given heart rate. Assists with professional coaching.

Power Sprint Test

To assess the ability to Sprint. This aids your coach to ascertain the tactical approach to race situations and also to potentially choose race discipline and type of terrain over which to race.

Maximum Heart Rate established

Enabling accurate HR Zones to be used for quality training sessions.

Blood Pressure checked

Accurate for the test day only but will give an instant guide to whether it is within normally acceptable parameters and be recorded for future tests.

Body Fat Analysis

Using electromagnetic equipment, body fat is calculated more accurately than using callipers. This gives a guide to assess body shape, training and diet requirements.

Hydration level

Assists as a guide to whether body fluid levels are being maximised for good and continuing health.

Blood Lactate

To find out at which point blood lactate builds at a rate that the body cannot clear effectively. This assists in gauging the area where training is done and the levels at which most effective riding can be continuously maintained. It allows quality training and racing with guidance from your coach. The newest top level equipment is used.

Core Stability Assessment

To ensure that core muscles are in a trained state for general good health and to provide the platform for quality training.

Ideally, the physiological test is part of your ongoing sports coaching and personal training planning. You can review the results with your coach and together decide a strategy for your fitness development and event planning. Testing services are also available independently with results and guidance given at the conclusion of the test.

Everyone tested will receive a report covering the whole testing process once your coach has analysed and formatted the SRM data from the computer (usually 5-7 days.) This will report the data as well as a brief analysis as to what the data means.

Testing protocols can be changed to suit an individuals needs. This should be discussed before the testing. Our testing facility is located in Gloucestershire or we can come to you (additional charge) if you prefer.


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