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Personal challenges are the new racing! A variety of personal challenges now exist world-wide and in the UK for any cycling enthusiast! Your very own cycling challenge. Coaching for these events or any other personal challenge is essential for success and we specialise in this personalised work. Our camps are in Gloucestershire, the Pyrenees or Alps are for any level of riders and can be a challenge in themselves if you wish.

For each event we use coaches, ride leaders and experienced support and helpers which vary from event to event so as to ensure top quality appropriate support for your best enjoyment, learning and assistance.

The aim is that you gain advice while riding and also pre and post ride.

We use Coaches that are experienced to the highest level in Coaching and have Riding and racing experience themselves. We pay them to be there so that their focus is on you. By doing this we are assured that they will do an excellent job and give you a great time!

Our training camps are for your conditioning, ... You get the essential Coaching element of your training as you ride and during your recuperation from riding. 

Challenges and Coaching camps for Cyclists in the UK, France, Italy and Spain


We have experience of several areas in Spain, Italy, France and the UK, as well as other places, that are excellent locations for training. You tell us where and when and we will propose a plan and budget.


We can attend any of your events to present coaching presentations assist with skills sessions and support rides, wherever you are.

The events are all bespoke and personalised to your group. No minimum and no maximum numbers. The aim is to provide you with coaching up to a personal challenge event and/or a coaching camp in order to prepare you for your challenge. You will enjoy quality coaching events that are fun, enjoyable and help you to improve. - This is our priority.

If you or your group are going on a cycling break and want Support and Coaching contact us! All these events can be either UK or Europe based. We will transport your bikes if necessary from the UK and even get them serviced for you before they go! Support is by way of our "Team Cars" and baggage van (for when going from hotel to hotel). Our aim is that you enjoy your experience and have a great time, with this in mind we know we are better than the rest! Hotels and food is at the level that you wish, but generally, we do not use the cheaper low quality hotels as we represent high quality in all our service.

We are not affiliated or owned by any other company. You deal direct with Sports Coaching a company not a part of any other operator. We have no association with them and any recommendations for both routes and hotels that we make are from our own personal experience both good and bad.

We will arrange for group rides and route plans with suggested training regimes to follow in order to achieve your goals. All these events can be either UK or Europe based.


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