Cycling Team History


Sports Coaching was formed in 1995. This drew together all the sporting skills under one heading. Coaching, Sports Management and Sports Massage. In 1995 Sports Coaching was managing and coaching the British Cycling Federation Western Division Junior Road Squad and several other riders.

This led to the formation, in 1996, of the Mud Dock/San Miguel Mountain Bike Team. This team was managed and many of the riders coached by Sports Coaching & Management. This Team had a successful 1996 with all of it's riders having a fruitful year. This included being the top amateur team in the Tour of Britain Mountain Bike Race.

The Sports Coaching Cycling TeamThe winter of 1996/7 saw Sports Coaching riders racing in Cyclo-Cross under the name of the management company, while the 1997 sponsorship agreements were being reached. This winter saw Tom Locke become the South Western Cyclo-Cross Association Series Champion. He then immediately became a Pro-Elite rider together with Jon Atkinson from the Sports Coaching Team.

1997 saw continuing Management of the San Miguel/Trek Team. During this year the race based riders were very successful and extensive publicity was achieved. This included Mark James gaining victory in the Masters National Championship. It was clear, though, that this team no longer had the innovation that it started with and needed a new direction.

In October 1997, riders under contract to Sports Coaching and other South West UK based riders formed the Sports Coaching Race Team. This Team has a mission statement that states that it is a cycling club committed to all types of cycle sport, triathlon and leisure cycling. The Team benefited from sponsorship and was supported from many other sources.

Success again in the winter Cyclo-Cross campaign with James Richardson taking the Series title. Also in second place was novice Cyclo-Cross rider Craig Denning and fourth in the Series was Jason Tazewell. At the Cyclo-Cross National Championships the team came second to the Simon Burney Managed - Ace Racing Team.

The Team had now adopted it's distinctive Blue and Black race strip and went into 1998 with further sponsorship. Again the team was very successful. Mainly on the Road Race scene but also Mountain Bike racing.

Into the Winter of 1998 and by Christmas, Craig Denning had already secured the Cyclo-Cross title to make it three years in a row for the Team, each time with a different rider !! Jason Tazewell had an excellent season to take third place in the series.

1999 was another very successful year. Mainly on the Road where most riders moved up categories. Into the Millennium, the team was reduced in size but expanded in quality. Results were exceptional but the result was that riders were "poached" by other teams. With the emphasis on developing the Coaching and not the Team it was decided not to renew sponsorship contracts for 2001. 2001/2 Riders in the Team were un-sponsored and the Team began its exististence as a club. Anyone can join - with no membership fee and the only rule to joining is that you must purchase at least one jersey. Sports Coaching is now the only Sponsor

A change in 2005 found Sports Coaching managing again. Support was found from Quality Education Solutions (QES) and partner Impsport; Together they supported National Madison Champion James Taylor from Bristol. This support gave James the ability to continue a successful racing career during the summer of 2005 while he looked for a place on a bigger team. This sponsorship ended and the focus went back to a Club Team supporting Coaches and committed riders alike.

2000 to 2005 saw Team Manager John Capelin move to England, Great Britain and later Talent Team duties. Coaching and Managing teams and squads. The team remained registered and members were individuals riding for themselves. 2006 had John working hard full-time for Sports Coaching, so the club goes from strength to strength focussing on riders who like to ride!

In early 2007 Craig Denning won the South West Cyclo Cross series again and was consistent in events throughout the summer. He then left the Team. On the Track Eddy Sobieralski was sprinting brilliantly progressing towards the top step of the podium in 2008 Masters Nationals. Other riders continued riding all over the world enjoying the sport.


In it's 14th year into 2010 the team is growing with more riders and coaches. Notably, Eddy Sobieralski, a Track Sprinter, is competing at Reagional and National level. Michael Widera is also active in the London & Surrey Road events. Other members of the team include Mark Savery and Helen Paull, who are both Qualified Coaches. The team is now working on providing both successful riding but also a coaching group. This ensure the very best in cycling coaching from trained professionals. Craig Denning, South West Cyclo Cross Champion has now left to ride for another team. John Capelin also rides for the Team, for leisure only!. This is usually leading riding and training groups in various European locations


The Sports Coaching team is open to anybody and joining is the price of a jersey. In conjunction with this a Race Team - VC Equipe Flix has been formed. If interested in riding for this race team please contact us

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